5 Days to A Million-Dollar Practice! 
A Proven Roadmap to Make 2024 YOUR Biggest Year Yet!
This Burnout to BREAKTHROUGH Challenge Includes:
  • Daily trainings with Dr. Isaac Jones
  • ​Daily Q&A so you can make decisions with clarity
  • ​Daily action steps to build your High Profit Concierge Practice in small, manageable steps
  • ​All in just 1 hour per day 
I used to work 12-14 hours a day in my practice without freedom and time for my family & that’s when I decided I HAD to start a virtual practice.
“Owning a virtual practice has reduced my overall risk and created more FREEDOM for me. I broke away from insurance, medicare and the 50+ hour workweek…. And now I have the time and income to travel the world, vacation with my family and work with my dream clients.”  

Dr. Isaac Jones

Here’s What You'll Learn:


The power of dreaming BIG in your practice!


How to create a compelling message that attracts your ideal patients


Your unique signature process of transforming the health of your patients


The secrets to unlocking high-ticket offers and scaling your practice


The roadmap to achieving a 7 or 8-figure practice while working less!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Practice and Live the Life You've Always Wanted? 

Join the Burnout to BREAKTHROUGH Challenge!

This Challenge Works For:

  • DC’s, ND’s, MD’s, DO’s, PT’s, NP’s, other health professionals
  • ​Health coaches and nutritionists (you don’t have to be a doctor!)
  • ​Doctors around the world, in dozens of countries
  • ​Brick-and-mortar practices, aspiring digital nomads, and hybrid practices
  • Established businesses looking to level-up their virtual offerings
  • ​New practitioners with ZERO experience

Overcome Obstacles to Create 


How These Doctors Made It Happen



Dr. Jaban Moore

Founder of Redefining Wellness Centers

“Before HEA I was working seven days a week, seeing like 60, 70 patients, working 90 hours a week, and it just wasn't sustainable. I'm now down to about 24 hours a week. My income is still great and I've hired practitioners to help my patient load"



Dr. Peter Kan

Founder of Hope Integrative Center

“I was 'missing out’ on life because of how constraining my brick and mortar practice. Dr. Jones helped save me so much money and avoid dozens of costly failures along the way. I now have a 7 figure automated virtual practice and online brand. It’s created the freedom for me to travel the world with my family.” 



Richard D. Abbey, Ph.D.

Founder Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic

Here’s what you can expect from joining HEA and taking 2 weeks away from work! So, I traveled to see family, then a retreat to learn about more opportunities, then took a 1 week planned vacation in Tahoe. Now, because of HEA, not only did I return to work finding it running better than when I left it, but today I just found out that we will not only achieve our revenue goal of $325,000, but we will smash it and do $350,000!

Meet Your Host, Dr. Isaac Jones

A pioneer of the virtual practice industry, Dr. Isaac quickly grew his own practice beyond the million dollar mark.

Now he’s on a mission to liberate the doctor of the future so they can create more income, impact, and freedom.

He has personally trained, advised, and coached hundreds of 6-, 7-, and 8- figure doctors and health brands to create thriving businesses that make a difference.

“Dr. Jones is pioneering the future of healthcare”

Naveen Jain, Entrepreneur and Founder of Viome

Join the 5-Day
Burnout to BREAKTHROUGH Challenge!

Feb 12th - 16th, 1pm EST

Our Challenge is PERFECT For You:

  • If you take action and implement
  • If you believe in investing in your growth & development
  • If you want to create more impact
  • ​If you’re done giving up your time and personal freedom at the expense of your family

Our Challenge is NOT For You:

  • If you operate out of scarcity vs. abundance
  • ​If you aren’t coachable
  • ​If you’re comfortable seeing your competition capitalize on the greatest market opportunity in modern medicine

Freedom and Scale Are Within Reach For You! 

We have a proven path you can follow to eliminate overwhelm and get your practice off the runway quickly, so you can focus on what you love. 

Even if all this did was…
  • Free up 5 more hours a week to spend with your family...
  • ​Add an additional $5,000 a month in income...
  • ​Help you attract a few more of your dream clients…
  • ​Give you the clarity and certainty to make 2023 your best year ever
Would it be worth spending a few hours on?


These common results only scratch the surface of what is truly possible for you. 

This one hour a day is worth 10x your income from serving patients. 

Commit to your future. Invest in yourself. 

Make the time to work ON your business instead of IN it. 

Finish The Year with Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty

...and create massive momentum for 2024!

TAKE ACTION and Build Your Million Dollar Practice Roadmap
...in Just 5 Days!

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