Start & Grow A Million Dollar Virtual Health Business
Health Experts Alliance LIVE 2020
May 1 - 3rd, 2020 In Atlanta, Georgia

Covid-19 Statement

HEA LIVE is still happening and here’s why:

Now, not later, is when we’re needed the most

Here’s what we firmly believe to be true right now:

  • The people being hit the worst are those with comprised immune systems.
  • ​Other, less news worthy, viruses affect substantially more people that this outbreak has.
  • ​The type of professionals who are in our program are some of the best minds in the health space. The exact type of people we need to hear from right now.
  • ​If you know yourself well enough and trust your hard earned health knowledge, you should absolutely come to this event and learn how to create the virtual practice you’ve always wanted to.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: There has NEVER been so much need for more virtual health professionals.

TOGETHER, we can all increase our impact on the world.
See you in Atlanta.

Join Dr. Isaac Jones and 200+ Practitioners From Around The World!

At This 3-Day Event You’ll Discover Exactly How to Build, Grow & Scale a Virtual Practice, that Attracts Your Ideal Patients Who pay you what you’re worth!  

Discover the blueprint to create a Virtual Practice of your dreams… and leave knowing exactly how to do it. 

Tired of Trading Time for Dollars? 

...frustrated with insurance, paperwork and feeling STUCK “in the system”? 

From Dr. Isaac Jones, 

Co-founder of Health Experts Alliance and 10 year virtual practice veteran

I’ve been in your shoes…

After a few years of being in practice, I loved serving patients, but I couldn’t see myself working these long hours for the impact and income I was making.

I was bogged down in paperwork and trading time for dollars. 

I didn’t have the freedom to travel or take time off without taking a significant financial hit.

I didn’t feel like this was a recipe for “getting ahead” and creating the type of lifestyle that I wanted. 

A lifestyle that allowed me to earn money from a remote office, and leverage the internet to drive residual income. 

I Needed An Upgrade in Thinking and Systems

I started thinking... "What if I could use the internet to positively impact people around the world? What if I could create scalable streams of residual income that would help me break through 7-figures?"

One of my mentors told me something that changed everything for me… 

"If you don’t create the future that you want, you’ll end up creating the vision that someone else has for their future.”

So, in 2009 I envisioned a virtual, cash-based practice with high-ticket, “one-on-one” health consulting programs. I also envisioned digital online programs that could serve “one-to-many” and transform people’s health without investing a ton of my own time.  

Eventually, I figured it out and broke through… 

  •  I successfully hit 7 figures in income with a 100% virtual practice
  • I had more time to invest in my other ideas
    (such as serving doctors and health professionals in events and masterminds)
  • Built my dream house and bought my dream car 
  • ​Spent more time with my family than I ever thought was possible as a doctor 
Fast-forward to today… I’ve generated multiple 7-figures over the course of just a few weeks. 

Because of my success, word started to spread among the leaders in the health space. Doctors began reaching out to me asking for coaching and training. 

Some of You Might be Thinking...

But Dr. Jones, Virtual Is Just So Confusing…I’m Not Sure Where to Start”

When I first started, I took MASSIVE action in every direction... and I wasted a lot of time and money in “reinventing the wheel” as I built my virtual practice... 

That was definitely the HARD way. 

But, what I learned through trial and error completely changed my entire career…

I discovered a simple, effective way to start, grow and scale any virtual practice. A way to bring in consistent, high paying clients on demand... without investing a ton of time and money to get started. 

In fact, if you currently have a brick and mortar practice, then you ALREADY have what it takes to succeed in virtual (I’ll explain this more at the event).... But for now know that, 

There Is A PATH To Get You To The Next Level

There’s a reason myself and many others who have attended HEA LIVE have created a 6-7 figure virtual practice… And it isn’t by luck or coincidence… 

It’s not because we walk you through cutting-edge strategies and marketing… (though we’ll give you plenty at this event!) And it’s not because we teach breakthrough mindset and personal development… (though we’ll have LOTS of that, too…) 

It’s because at HEA LIVE, you’ll learn the steps to get from where you are right now, to the NEXT level.

No matter where you’re at in your business... there is a PATH to get you to the net level. There’s a PATH to take you from: $0-$1 Million…

This 3-day event is designed to help you build and scale your virtual practice with the exact path I took to achieve 6 and 7-figure results. And now many others have as well. 

No matter where you’re at in your business, I want to share with you the PATH that can take you to the next level…

Ever heard the phrase, 

“Proximity Is Power?” 

During the Round Table breakout, you will sit with Dr. Jones and other industry experts who are excited and eager to share their wisdom and experience with you!

This is your chance to pick their brains, ask questions about virtual health business strategies and marketing, and soak in all of the value and knowledge they’ll literally bring to the table.

Proximity IS without a doubt one of the most powerful advantages of being at Health Experts Alliance LIVE… 

Which means, there is deep value in being in the SAME room having conversations with and listening to these experts…

So strike up a new friendship, and build relationships with the RIGHT people who can help guide you and take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be!  



Join us in stunning Atlanta, Georgia

May 1 -3rd, 2020

and see this life changing experience for yourself.

This Is NOT Like Any Other Event! 
Unlike other health and business events, you won’t be sitting in some boring, stuffy conference…

And it’s not one big pitch-a-thon, where every speaker is trying to sell you and take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths. (Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?)

At HEA LIVE, something special happens before our doors ever OPEN…

And you’ll feel the anticipation and excitement build as you arrive… You’ll begin to feel how this community and the training from stage is unlike any other. 

Our team will be there to open the doors and greet you with high-fives for everyone as you rush through the door to claim the best seat! 

You’ll laugh, learn and get inspired. You’ll contribute to your peers. 

If you’re a doctor or health expert with a passion for impacting people’s lives with a holistic approach… 

Then you’ll feel right at home and connected to this community...
HEA LIVE is Exclusively for Health Experts
...who Want to Create a 6-7 Figure Virtual Health Business.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get your virtual practice off the runway. 

Plus, you’ll discover the simple strategies you need to catapult your virtual practice into true growth mode.

Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts will share cutting edge cellular detox strategies that are creating phenomenal results for doctors and their clients…   

You’ll also hear from other doctors and health experts who have built 6-7 figure virtual practices. 

Plus, I’m thrilled to be hosting a special, SURPRISE guest speaker! I don’t want to spoil the surprise... but he’s an icon to many in natural health and he has been pioneering the future of healthcare for 20+ years. 

If you want to… 

  • Get more FREEDOM than what your Brick and Mortar practice allows
  • ​Own a hybrid of a Virtual Practice and a Brick and Mortar practice 
  • Transition ENTIRELY from Brick and Mortar to virtual
  • START a Virtual Practice from the ground up 
  • OR, if you simply want to dip your toes in the water and see what virtual is all about…. 
Then, this event is for YOU!

Here’s a closer look at the exciting journey we’ll be taking you on over the 3 days at Health Experts Alliance LIVE …
Here’s just a TASTE of what You’ll Experience
  • Get CLARITY on your vision and the path forward
  • ​Discover how to choose a niche - and have confidence in that niche  
  • ​How to create an AUTHORITY brand and become a local celebrity 
  • ​How to simplify and speed up the process of going virtual 
  • ​How to rapidly validate your niche, your offer and price
  • ​How to charge what you’re worth 
  • BREAKTHROUGH common set-backs and limiting beliefs when going virtual  
  • ​Explore the FUTURE of true health care
  • ​Create cutting edge health programs that make the biggest impact
  • Social Media Secrets for Success
  • ​How Dr. Jones grew a 7-figure, lifestyle virtual practice with no FB ads or paid marketing
  • ​Specific steps to create a dream business and lifestyle practice to 6-7 figures and beyond
  • ​What it really takes to grow and scale supplements and digital programs
  • ​How to lead an initial consultation for the biggest impact (in results and sales)
  • ​An exclusive community of high achieving health experts 
  • ​And much, much more . . .
Proven Systems for Your Brighter Future
...Everything you’ll get at HEA LIVE is taught by the same people who have “Been There and Done It” themselves.

You won’t hear from anyone that is talking in “theory”. These reproducible systems have built some of the largest online health practices and brands in the world. You’ll learn from and meet those doctors at this event. They work less, earn more, and live in dream locations because of their virtual practice. 

You’ll hear my journey, the lessons and the exact steps you can follow to replicate my 6 and 7-figure success... with a fraction of the time and money it took me to figure it all out. 

Seats are Limited to ONLY 200….
Ever attend a mega-conference? All the people buzzing around can make it feel like you’re in a foreign, busy city at rush hour!… It can be hard to make meaningful connections, and plug in to a community of 5,000+ people over the course of a weekend! 

We believe the intimate, tight knit community is a powerful tool to help you succeed. 

That’s why we chose to limit the audience size to 200 people max… We intentionally created a smaller environment so you can get better results, more clarity and more meaningful connections over the 3-day event. 

Each year our community grows as more and more people want to learn the path to create a 6-7 figure virtual practice. However… When we hit 200 total ticket sales, we’ll stop selling tickets completely and everyone else will have to wait until next year…. Fire Martial’s orders....  

Many people choose to have a hybrid of virtual and brick and mortar business. 

If that’s you, what you learn around virtual will only help you to build your brick and mortar.

See how this event can transform your practice and ultimately your life.
"I felt I had major breakthroughs at this event. Being around like-minded people who are world changers and want to make a difference. We encourage each other and hear others challenges in a safe place."
- Dr. Lori Taeger Serra
"Dr. Jay and I launched a online summit at the same time we launched a supplement company. The supplement company has skyrocketed. What an amazing ride!"
- Dr. Todd Watts
"I've always wanted to find a community of doctors that thought outside of the box. After going to Health Experts Alliance I now have a robust online presence and business thanks to what I've learned!"
- Evan Hirsch, MD
HEA LIVE Pricing

General Admission

400 297
Limited to 180 Guests
  • Entrance to the 3 Day Event


Limited to 20 Guests
  • Entrance to the 3 Day Event
  • Access to the exclusive Member Lounge where our highest earning clients mastermind 
  • Access to the VIP seating section
    right in front of stage.


Limited to 10 Guests
  • Entrance to the 3 Day Event
  • Access to the exclusive Member Lounge where our highest earning clients mastermind
  • Access to the VIP Seating Section 
    right in front of the stage.
  • An additional teaching day, in the presidential suite, normally reserved only for our EPIC Mastermind members.

Thanks Again, and we're SO excited to see you at the event! 

Dr. Isaac Jones 

P.S. - Still deciding whether or not to attend HEA LIVE 2020? It comes down to this...

This isn’t just about getting your virtual practice built... this is about BECOMING who you need to be, so you can create a ripple effect of CHANGE in your own special way.

You have a God-given gift - and my goal is to help give you the strategies, tools, and mindset to turn your gift into a business where you can help people. Come and join us at this years Health Experts Alliance LIVE. 

Meet our founder

A health entrepreneurs who has “been there and done it”...

Isaac Jones, CVO
7-Figure Virtual Practice Coach 
Co-Founder, Health Experts Alliance
Billionaire and founder of and, Jeff Arnold has coined him the "Doctor of the Future".

After working in one of the largest health centers in the world in 2009, Dr. Jones began the journey of pioneering virtual healthcare. He has since built and scaled his virtual practice beyond 7-figures. 

After investing over $250,000 into testing, learning and biohacking his own health, he became known as one of America's top high performance and human potential health experts. He has worked with Hollywood celebrities, the Saudi Royal Family, silicon valley executives and some of the world's leading entrepreneurs.

While building his practice, he chose to not have a physical office with 100% virtual clients, zero full-time employees, and only work with clients 2 days per week. By going virtual and reducing his overhead, he dramatically improved his profits. This gave him the cash flow and freedom to travel the world with his family, enjoy hobbies like basketball and volunteering, and ultimately create a bigger impact with his clients.  

After building a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave him the lifestyle of his dreams, he began teaching doctors his proven steps to replicate his success, and make a bigger impact in the world. He’s now on a mission to liberate the doctor fo the future. 
Frequently Ask Questions
When is the event and where is it located? 
The Epic Retreat is a 3-day retreat from May 1-3rd 2020. This event will be located at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Who is this event for? 
This is event is designed for doctors and health experts who want to create a virtual business. If you are a trained expert and you get results for your clients, then simply put: you have what it takes. 
 I’m interested in building a 6-figure lifestyle business, with no employees or overhead- is this event for me?  
Yes! Dr. Isaac Jones has built a 7-figure, lifestyle, virtual practice. All while traveling the world with his wife, volunteering at local charities he’s passionate about and seeing patients only 2 days per week. This retreat is all about teaching you his exact roadmap to follow. 
I want to sell my own supplements and digital programs, is this event right for me? 
Yes! There are a handful of doctors and health experts in our community who are building supplement brands and selling online programs. 
I want to learn how to do better FB Ads, email marketing, SEO, virtual summits, social media, podcast, book launch, etc.. Is this event right for me? 
Simply put, if you’re a doctor and you want to go virtual, then YES! this is the right event for you. However, we’ll be showing how you can create significant traction and cashflow virtually, WITHOUT any FB ads, SEO, social media, or other technical headaches. Our roadmap is simple, reliable and most importantly: it’s effective. Of course, if you still insist on talking shop about FB ads, copywriting, email marketing, SEO, webinars, digital programs, virtual summits, etc.
What are the event logistics (address, attire, airport, start time, agenda, etc.)
We’ll provide you with all of the necessary information after you complete your application. 
Tickets are limited
The Super Early Bird Special Only Runs For Another
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